Alzheimer’s Kids

Arcturo likes today’s Teletubbies – it’s all about getting wet. Kids washing their hands, rain falling from clouds, etc. He likes seeing things get wet. Today’s color is SILVER. To avoid showing grey, they gave the silver color sparkles. Arcturo digs sparkles too. He makes me add sparkles to my photoshop projects. According to him, you can never have too many sparkles.

On Barney, the kids have a fashion show for dogs. The FCC needs to revise their disclaimer to read “No animals were harmed OR HUMILIATED during the filming…” These poor animals will never live long enough for the shame of being seen by millions of people in these costumes to be erased from their memory. Now it’s suddenly raining. They sing “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops… If all the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes…” If this happened kids, you’d be severely injured. Ever been hit in the mouth with a milkshake falling from 3,000 feet? Believe me, it hurts.

All the kids want to play bongos, they ignore all the other instruments and fight over the bongos. Barney calls BS on that and makes them pretend to make soup instead. That doesn’t work, they all want to be chefs. They then are entertained by a play where a rabbit is running through the woods and other animals follow her thinking they’re all being chased by something. Somehow this teaches the savage little bastards not to be so damn greedy. Personally, I don’t get it. And Arcturo doesn’t get it either. But we’re all for trying anything to calm them down at this point.

Big Comfy Couch is about something I can relate to – forgetting stuff. She goes to Granny’s house for a lesson in mnemonics. Mnemonics has never helped me one bit. Apparently it works for everybody else, since it’s always the first thing suggested to help you remember things.

If you want to remember the name of something new, they say, think up a different name that rhymes with it, to help you remember the original thing’s name. To me, this just introduces a whole ‘nother thing to remember. So essentially, you have to remember TWO things instead of one. How can that possibly help? To me, it’s a useless exercise. Arcturo’s got no use for mnemonics also. It’s just another stupid human superstition.

This episode leads to the sad story of an old lady with Alzheimer’s Disease being abused by her grandson for forgetting his name. He was going to kill her, until she somehow talked him out of it. I missed most of the story, but I imagine there was much violence before the happy ending.

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