Halloween Crash Victims

In today’s episode of WTF is wrong with those idiot Teletubbies, we ponder why, with all the flowers around Tubbyland, they are suddenly transfixed on some bluebell plants. Maybe it’s because they plants are taking over, like kudzu. Suddenly the whole place is overrun with lovely bluebells. In honor of the event, Poe pens a song. As you may have guessed, it simply goes “Bluebell, bluebell, bluebell, bluebell…” This has somehow appeased the Bluebell gods, as all the bluebells are now disappearing one by one. The scourge is over. Teletubbies survive another ecological disaster!

On Barney, it’s Halloween. Can’t wait to see how they tip-toe around the occult aspects of the holiday, what with their insane christian values and all that. No ghosts, no witches or wizards, no bloody gore, and no razor-blade infused candy from strangers. What fun is that?

Hey wait – I just saw a WITCH! I’m sure the angry viewer letters are rolling in on that one.

I asked Arcturo what he would dress like, if it were Halloween. He says he’d like to go as a professor or teacher. He’s so innocent and naive. He later tells me he wants to grow up to be like Barney. But I’m guessing he means the “bossing a bunch of kids around” part and not the “big purple monster” aspect.

Loonette is bored on Big Comfy Couch, and must find something to alleviate the boredom. She fails. Although Arcturo was amused when Granny and Major Deadhead pretended to get into a car crash. VROOOM! ERRRRTT! CRASH! He had a blast, and added new crash sounds to his repertoire. Rides in the car are going to be an experience now.

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