Poe Gets Busted

Teletubbies have a mystery on their hands today – who splattered food all over the tubby-hutch? Each teletubby was questioned, except Poe, and every teletubby said the same thing; “I didn’t do it”, except Poe.

You guessed it – Poe went off on one of his tantrums and covered the place with food again. This is a recurring thing with Poe. We’re afraid if this keeps up the others will banish him from the compound and he’ll have to fend for himself, out in the cold, with the rabbits and flowers.

Barney and the “gang” sings “London Bridge is Falling Down” – a testament to all the inept retards in the world that fail at everything they try to achieve.

Griff has a new game for everyone to try – it’s called “Griff Sings” – basically it’s a game he can play with himself while everyone else watches. As mentally deficient as Baby Bop is, she’s the first one to figure out that this game’s no fun for anybody but Griff. Griff sings like shit anyway, sounds like he’s smoked an extra pack of cigarettes with his milk today.

The gang sings “We take turns, so we’ll all have fun”. B.J. is having a one-man pity party in the corner when the gang asks him to come play – he doesn’t want to, they all suck and he hates them all. They try to convince him to play, saying “It’ll be fair, ’cause we’ll all take turns.” but that’s not what he’s after. Finally they say “Okay, we’ll take turns, but YOU get to take your turn FIRST!” That appeals to his self-centered greed, so he agrees to join them, at least until his turn is finished.

The Red-Dye #5 must be kicking in as the gang suddenly pulls a magical musical trip – flowers, colors, a real hippy trip. B.J. is probably on overdose – he thinks he can fly. Ends up crashing into a pile of stuff inside the clubhouse almost killing himself “It’s all dark now”. That was pretty cool – the equivalent to a car chase scene to Arcturo. He shouts “Again again!!!”

We’re just noticing that there’s no kids in this episode – they left before the London Bridge song. They must be low on their budget for kid wranglers.

After telling the thalidomide midgets in costumes about how they can be anything they want to be when they read a book – B.J. asserts that he can be a superhero. Gonna have to lower your goals there in a few years when reality sets in there, Beej. Start small – like Burger Flipper, then work your way up. That’s our advice. 

Arcturo wants to be the world’s greatest artist when he grows up, but he knows he’s got to start small – you won’t see him up on a scaffolding painting no Sistine Chapel ceilings yet – dropping seed husks on the floor and appreciating the aesthetic beauty of their patterns is about the extent of his studies these days.


BCC – I think this is the one we have on VCR tape. Maybe. They all look alike after a while.

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