Sex, Drugs, and Oral Masochism

Tinky Winky displays his crossdressing side again – sashaying around in a skirt and having it  “accidently” torn from his body by doors and trees. He’s getting off on this enough to annoy the Nu-nu. Nu-nu don’t like him prancing around the hut like a fairy, so he rips it off of him. This results in a chase. Skirt felt “rather tickly inside the Nu-nu”. He pukes the skirt up onto Tinky-winkie’s head. Tinky runs outside and dances around with the skirt on his head and no pants on. Arcturo doesn’t understand Tinky-winky’s sexual androgyny. 

I don’t think birds consider gender like we do. For birds like Arcturo, it’s almost impossible to tell their gender without a DNA test. If I needed to know if a bird is male or female, I guess I’d just ask Arcturo – he’d probably know. I really don’t want to explain things like Liberache or Elton John to him at this age.

Barney – it’s about DENTISTS!!! Screw Barney! I freakin’ HATE dentists. They have the highest suicide rate of any profession because there inevitably comes a day in their lives when they realize that using a Black-n-Decker drill and a pair of pliers on people’s bones doesn’t make you a real doctor. When the dentist leaves the room, you know he’s slinking down to some dank dungeon to put his metal instruments in fire. Ever see a dentist use a computer? No you haven’t because they still think it’s the freakin’ Spanish Inquisition and the thumb-screw is considered high tech to them. Don’t believe me? Try this – next time your dentist starts making small talk with you, casually mention something about medieval devices and I’ll bet you he’s an expert on the subject.

Baby Bop wants to be a dentist. This makes sense. She’s the most masochistic character on the show.

The kids become very interested in oral. Time to play doctor again and probe Baby Bop’s orifices. The people that write this show are so predictably degenerate in their middle class christian morals.

Everybody sings “The Doctor Is A Friend Of Mine” – yeah, until he diagnoses you with Attention Deficit Disorders and pumps you full of enough puppet pills to turn you into a living marionette on TV.

Big Comfy Couch – Auntie Macassar sends some “Herbs from Herb n’ Annie’s Garden”. To everyone’s disappointment, it’s just catnip.

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