Heroin Withdrawal Advice

Teletubbies nearly drove me insane with the incessant repeating of Po’s song. Here’s the lyrics…

Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy Po.

Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy Po.

Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy Po.

Fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy Po.

And on, ad infinitum. That is all I recall of this episode.

Two “PBS Commercial Breaks” in between the shows – first one admonishes kids to eat less food, “Don’t super-size me!”. The very next commercial shows a kid taking an ice cream sandwich from the fridge and encourages them add a banana or some other food to “Keep that ice cream from getting lonely down there.” I sense a mixed message.

Barney subverts the lyrics to “Here we go loop-de-loo, here we go loop de lie…” into “Here we go looby loo” probably because of copyright concerns. Don’t want to end up in the pokey for singing a variation of the Hokey-Pokey. Big dumb lizard thinks he can change lyrics to any song (i.e. Yankee Doodle becomes Barney Theme Song). There ought to be a law.

On Big Comfy Couch, everybody’s got “the Jitters”. Loonette has ’em so bad she has to hold herself down by placing a watermelon on her head and a bowling ball in her lap. I doubt it’s epilepsy or delirium tremens making her shake. Probably an O.D. of truck-stop pills or freebase cocaine.

Major Deadhead gets the Jitters bad. Arcturo knows I feel that same way after coming home from a good Dead show too. Auntie Macassar does a tune about how to deal with the symptoms of pre-show heroin withdrawal jitters. Know who else sang “The show must go on”?  Roger Waters, that’s who.

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