Who Watches the Watchman Watching the Shows?

I’d like to dedicate this post to the one show that I actually enjoy – Big Comfy Crotch …I mean Couch. This also seems to be Arcturo’s favorite. I can actually deal with this show. It doesn’t make me feel like Iarcturowatchman was raised in a crack den as a child, like Barney does. It doesn’t put me into an LSD induced catatonic stupor, like Teletubbies. And it doesn’t make me want to destroy the planet from Mars, like the Diddy-Doodle Works show does. It’s the one sane thing about our daily triple feature.

Major Deadhead one of the coolest characters of any kid’s show. Arcturo loves making fun of the Foley Family (lots of crazy sounds to parody), and laughing his ass off with the spastic Dust Bunnies. Granny Garbonzo adds a bit of Twin Peaks atmosphere, and of course Loonette and Molly are loveably cute.

Auntie Macassar gets bigtime guffaws from Arcturo with her boisterous voice. We call her “Cameltoe in a Coolot” (not sure if I’m spelling “Coolot” correctly – you know, those short skirts that are actually pants). I’m probably one of the few people on the planet who knew what a Macassar is without having to Google it. It’s a doily type of thing like your great-grandma used to put at the top of the high backed chairs right about where the back of your head would touch if you lean back into it. It’s an archaic practice meant to keep greasy hair from ruining expensive furniture. Now-a-days we just throw the chair out on the curb and get another one.

Granny Garbonzo (Loonette’s apparent guardian) is a feisty old gal. In one episode we have recorded here,  Snicklefritz the cat crawls up Granny’s dress and she writhes around in orgasmic bliss for a few minutes. She makes a few sexually suggestive comments about the cat, and later on in the show, calls Loonette on the phone, breathlessly enticing the cat back home for “bedtime”. We all know what’s going on there, but Arcturo’s pretty naive about that sorta thing – he says “Goodnite, goodnight.” to the pretty kitty cat.

Granny Garbonzo’s got a not-too-obvious love affair going on with this creepy old alcoholic guy that pushes a cartload of junk around and fixes the hole in her pan. The shiftless old goat’s probably plowing a dozen other old ClownTown Grannies besides her. Loonette calls him Uncle Stinky, or something like that. 

Arcturo thinks he can talk to cats now – because he learned how to go “Meeow” from Snicklefritz the cat. He’s quite proud of this new ability. Now he can talk both Dog and Cat talk. “Arf, Arf! Meeow, Meeow…”. He also thinks cats can fly, since he’s seen Snicklefritz fly (thrown) across the screen numerous times. By the way, Jon Stewart was making fun of some politician’s name on his show and suggested “Snicklefritz”. Shout out to the kitty katz, eh?

Another reason I like this show is – it’s Arcturo’s trigger to say goodnight, get to bed, and leave me alone so I can work in peace. He goes through a whole ritual every night when Loonette says “Who made this big MESS!?!?!” Soon as she says that, he tells her goodnight, crawls up my arm going “Goodnight Poppa, Goodnight.” All part of his goodnight ritual. I don’t ever have to remind him to get his homework done and his pajamas on.

One Response to Who Watches the Watchman Watching the Shows?

  1. Robert Mills says:

    That has to be the most insightful review of The Big Comfy Couch it has ever been my pleasure to read. Thank you!

    Robert Mills
    Executive Producer
    The Big Comfy Couch

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