I Win, Shorty.

Teletubbies are slacking. They do nothing but dance all day. The live segment had kids doing laundry. Pretty boring show all around. Who’s paying these people? Even Arcturo doesn’t classify this as entertainment.

Barney has some 12 foot tall kid come to show the kids that he’s a better basketball player than any of them. He explains that someday they might be able to put the ball in the hoop, if they do nothing but practice all day long. They’ll never be as good as him though, ’cause he’s 12 feet tall, and that works out to be an advantage in that sport.

Next thing you know, it’s suddenly night time. Baby Bop imagines a star falling and learns the difference between imagination and reality. The kids look at the people in dinosaur costumes and reconsider their own realities.

Loonette is celebrating The Longest Night on Big Comfy Couch today. That would be some time in December. She says that on the Longest Night everybody gets to stay up all night long! Arcturo looks at me and says “That’s a GOOD idea.” He thinks he’s going to stay up all night now – but I give him maybe 10 minutes into his bedtime before he’s headed towards sleep.

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