Monday Nothing, Tuesday Nothing…

Wednesday and Thursday nothing
(I gotgotgotgot)
Friday for a change,
A little more nothing,
Saturday once more nothing...
-Tuli Kupfberg, The Fugs

Teletubbies was stupid – I won’t waste your time on it.

Barney had Missus Matuma on to show everybody about Swahili culture. They do an African dance where they assess the mating potential of each other. I’ve seen fraternities do this dance back in college. The Delta Pi Zima frat house used to do this dance before football games. Only, they had shirts on. I don’t see the educational value of this one. They’d further kid’s cultural knowledge of the world better by inviting the guys from the Aub-Zam-Zam Room to come by in leather chaps and show the kids how they dance.

Lots of counting on Big Comfy Couch. Arcturo thinks he’s mastered the ABCs, so now his big trip is learning to count. I almost missed counting to 12 during the clock stretch, but he grabbed me by the ear and practically dragged me in front of the TV. This is serious business for him and he’s not going to let my inattention get in the way of his education. Later, when Loonette counted to 10, he informed me that there were 2 more numbers to make 12. I already knew that.

Sleep is the theme of today’s Big Comfy Couch. Good thing – I can’t wait for bird-boy to get to bed so I can get some work done. He falls for it. He sang the “Staying Up All Night” song – with gusto, not realizing that it’s a thinly veiled trick of reverse psychology to get kids to think about being asleep. By the end of the show he was almost hypnotized out. He’ll play in his new play area (formally known as the clothes drawers and laundry hamper), until he feels it’s time to get his homework done and his pajamas on. He’s a good bird, I seldom have to remind him.

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