Don’t Knock Boots!

The Teletubbies showed a movie of children enjoying a variety of boot wear. Some adult made a permanent trail of mud in his yard. I thought this was kind of a strange thing – inviting the neighborhood kids to stomp through a bordered mud trail in your yard – until I saw the main purpose; cheap child labor. He was recruiting the kids to stomp gravel into the trail for free. This got me to thinking about how I could possibly exploit what Arcturo does to get a few things done around the house. I’ll have to think on this one – maybe he could ring bells at certain times or clean seeds out of buds for me. I don’t know – most of the things he does is destructive, not constructive, so maybe something along the lines of tearing buildings down or shredding documents or something.

Barney was all about shapes today. And rainbows. And rain I guess. The shapes song is way too retarded to relate here. The kids were forced to perform some crazy, restrained puppet macarena/square dance kind of deal. It was embarrassing to watch.

Griff gets the tables turned on him this time, as baby bop steals his fake medal. It’s a cheap plastic coin on a ribbon, he doesn’t specify what this esteemed medal was awarded for, obviously because he bought it for ten cents so he can brag about some undefined achievement to all the kids. After he discovers that Baby Bop was the thief, he plays the confidence game by giving it to her as a sign of trust. Suddenly, as if to take our minds away from this transgression, a psychedelic interlude! I certainly wasn’t prepared for it – flying blue hippos in tutus, “My Little Pwny” colors and vistas of green meadows with daisies, rainbows, and hearts. This segues into the song “Colors make me happy” – obviously drug induced. “World is like a rainbow puttin’ on a beautiful show.” Yeah. After I do a few bong hits, I see what they mean.

Big Comfy Couch is all about manners. At least BCC stays on topic and they’re not prone to sudden flights of hallucination in the middle of a subject.

Today is the “Feast of Fools” and Loonette teaches Molly a few things about manners. Number one, don’t shove your whole face in your food. I try to explain to Arcturo that, in his case, it’s alright. Number two, don’t chew with your mouth open. This is also impossible for him to conform to, so this little lesson is lost on him. 

My list of “Manners For Birds” would be something like this…

1. Don’t poop at the dinner table. Or on Poppa …anytime.

2. No eye! Don’t bite people on the eyeball! That’s bad! Bad!

3. Always say Thank You, You’re Welcome, Hello, Goodbye, and Bless You when someone sneezes. He’s already got all that down.


Click for Full Size

Click for Full Size

It’s a start.


At the Feast of Fools, Uncle Wobbly shows up and he’s looking more plastered than usual. Everybody brings something to the feast – Uncle Wobbly brought a keg of hard cider. He’s the Goofus that everybody can counter with their own Gallant. The guy that always screws things up – gets drunk at weddings, that sorta thing.

All the food at the meal is made with Beets. Beet Soufflé, Beet Flambé, for dessert Beet Casserole – basically Beet Jello surrounded with beets with beet chunks floating inside and one huge beet on top. Apparently clowns are into Beets like birds are into seeds. I’ve never had a taste for either one, personally.

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