The Airport Incident

Okay, I’m not reporting “from the scene” here, but going by memory…

This day, the Teletubbies had one of Arcturo’s favorite scenes – the weird puppet guy that does the “Do Re Me Fa So La Tee DOOOOOO!” thing in his flat Punch-n-Judy style house. You’ve seen it, it’s horrifying. When Arcturo first saw this guy singing, he freaked out – I’m sure it gave him nightmares. Luckily they play that scene often, so he’s not only gotten used to it, but now he looks forward to it.

He thinks the character is mentally deficient. Whenever Arcturo sees somebody doing something totally crazy, he shakes his head back and forth going “Yerdle-erdle-erdle”. It’s his “coo-koo” expression. Laughs at the guy, but doesn’t feel good about it – kind of like if you or I were laughing at a one-legged man trying to kick a dog. He likes this scene because it’s easy for him to get me in front of the screen singing like an idiot.


This episode of Barney was special. We really enjoyed some of it. At one point, the kids built an airplane out of cardboard. The cute little white girl said “I’ll be the stewardess and help people onto the plane!”

The cute little white boy said “I’ll be the pilot! I’ll drive the plane!”

The cute little brown kid said “I’ll be the passenger!”

You can see where I’m going with this. Even Arcturo knew instinctively that a brown kid might have a hard time getting on a plane. When the kid started running around the airplane, I could swear Arcturo shouted “Stop! They’ll SHOOT!”

I think the kid got on the airplane without being searched, I don’t remember how it went down.

Big Comfy Couch. Probably the only show of the three that I can give any respect to. Arcturo loves the Dust Bunnies. I think this was the episode where the Dust Bunnies narrowly escape being sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Arcturo doesn’t get off on sight-gags usually, but he thought it was hilarious when Molly wore the Dust Bunnies as earmuffs.

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